HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter

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HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter

HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter is a special filter equipment applied to chemical plants and other industries with hidden danger of flammable and explosive media. This product is a kind of large air volume primary air filtration equipment with the new non-woven fabric as the filter medium and the signal of pressure difference before and after the filter is calculated to control the automatic replacement of the filter material.

HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter has a novel design, reasonable structure, easy to use and maintain, and easy to transport and assemble. The filter adopts herringbone or flat structure to increase the effective filtration area and meet the design requirements of large air volume filtration. The filter material used has high strength and good chemical stability, and does not produce toxic and harmful substances when burning under fire conditions, and is durable.

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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

◆Filtration efficiency grade: G4-F9(EN779)

◆Air speed: recommended value ≤2.5m/s

◆Primary resistance:≤70Pa

◆Final resistance: 250-300Pa


◆Power supply:~220V/50HZ

◆Ambient air temperature: -10℃~+40℃

◆Relative humidity of the use environment:90%RH

Intelligent automatic filter media replacement system: through the differential pressure control system to determine whether the filter media needs to be replaced, to reduce the intensity of manual operation, to ensure that the filter operation to achieve the best efficiency and the most economical mode.

Explosion-proof device: conform to explosion-proof grade Eexd IIBT4, protection grade IP55. when handling dust, it effectively avoids the explosion caused by static electricity and sparks.

Differential pressure control system: There is a differential pressure tester installed at the inlet and outlet of the filter material, and the final resistance of the filter material is preset according to the requirements of the use environment. When the differential pressure is greater than the set resistance, the PLC will send a signal to the motor to run and the motor will start to change the material.

Precise control system for material change: automatic gear, manual gear, PLC (remote).

Alarm function: When the equipment runs out of filter material, the alarm light on the control cabinet will light up, and the PLC will output an alarm signal at the same time, and the central control room will receive the alarm signal if there is a signal receiving device.

Smooth transmission system: Adopt the international famous brand reducer motor, and use the chain transmission with the speed ratio of 1:1 between the shaft and the axle to effectively ensure the safety of the machine and the smoothness of the transmission.

High quality filter: The filter material is made of synthetic fibers arranged in a density gradient combination, with good comprehensive performance of ventilation and dust removal, low resistance, high strength, temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and non-volatile. The two sides of the filter media are designed with wrapped edges to effectively prevent the air leakage on both sides of the filter media.

Sturdy and durable: The whole explosion-proof automatic roll-up filter is made of aluminum alloy with anodized surface and stainless steel, which can be used in corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant environment.

Modular assembly: modular assembly method, tightly connected, easy to assemble, especially suitable for large working area.

the three-view drawing for HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter

HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter is mainly composed of filter media, explosion-proof transmission system and explosion-proof automatic control system. When the incoming air with high concentration of dust-containing air passes through the winding filter, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter rises gradually with the increase of filter dust; when the filter resistance rises to the set final resistance value, the pressure difference switch starts to act and the winding system updates the filter media; when the winding time is reached, the transmission stops and the work of updating the filter media is completed and the filtering is carried out again. This machine currently has four types to support customization: Ex——Ex total mark ib level intrinsically safe; II——plant explosion-proof equipment; B——applicable flammable and explosive gases for Class B gases (including Class A gases); T4——The maximum surface temperature of this equipment does not exceed 135 degrees.

the structure chart for HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter

1、When the whole roll of filter material is used up, the digital alarm of filter material on the panel of electric control box and the red light on the control board are always on to remind to replace the filter material.

2、Turn the equipment to manual gear and roll all the filter material to the lower reel.

3、Loosen the bolt nut (one at one end) for fixing the lower reel.

the structure chart for HRF-Ex Automatic roll filter

4、Take off the filter material and the lower reel, and pull out the lower reel.

5、Open the upper material box, loosen the bolts and nuts on both sides and take off the upper reel.

6、Putz the upper reel through the new filter media center core and put it into the upper material box (Note: the upper reel must be stuck into the upper support slot).

7、Pass the filter material through the upper and lower rails, roll it onto the lower reel, press it with the fixed steel wire, manual equipment, and wait for the lower reel to pull the filter material tightly and then return to the automatic gear.


Overall structure chart                             Chain drive diagram 

Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, gas, metallurgy, textile, mining, pharmaceutical, food, grain and oil processing and other industries with high degree of dust-containing gas or hidden danger of flammable and explosive media.


    Left filter media shaft          right filter media shaft        Lower filter media shaft 

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