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⊙HEFIL brand concept: the perfect match, the sincere cooperation, the sophisticated quality, the optimal efficiency.

⊙We must bring our ideal into action for the customers and public services.

⊙We meet and exceed the hopes of customers.

⊙We pursue the sophisticated quality to achieve the optimum purification.

⊙We appoint people on their merit. Learning advanced technology, providing high quality products and excellent services is our mission.

⊙We value the performance culture, cultivate HEFIL brand, expand purification products market, and attach importance to the sustainable development.

⊙HEFIL adhere to the “stable standard, long-term development” principle, to completely abandon the utilitarian tendency and establish “based on long-term development, to seek sustainable profitability” values.

⊙We always place the compliance management and stable operation in an important position. We must focus on building a perfect internal control mechanisms and system, to standardize the business process and the enterprise management and strengthen internal risk prevention.

⊙We should handle the relationship between the stable operation, long-term development and the full grasp of market.

⊙On the road of dream becoming a reality, let HEFIL from small to big, from big to strong and from strong to excellent…

Whether enriching and diversifying products or extending services HEFIL is creating a first-class modern enterprise, competing inChina, looking at the world...

⊙ HEFIL stand for the strategic guidelines of specialization, standardization and marketization

⊙ "Creating value and serving the general public", that is HEFIL's enterprise objective.

⊙ "Behaving modestly, working conscientiously", that is the code of HEFIL person's conduct.

⊙ We are incorruptible and self-disciplined to make great efforts to build a strong state."

⊙ the customer as center; the service as guarantee; the quality as backing; the product as a guide; the price as a lever, we work hard to start our enterprise, and will be diligent in our careers. 

⊙ We have the high quality purifying products of HEFIL and the excellent and professional manufacturing team,

 We will provide you with the synergy of quality, efficiency and life...