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  Business and Management Concepts

⊙ "Behaving modestly, working conscientiously", that is the code of HEFIL person's conduct.

⊙ "The reputation as life; the customer as center; the service as guarantee; the quality as backing; the product as a guide; the price as a lever, we work hard to start our enterprise, and will be diligent in our careers. We are incorruptible and self-disciplined to make great efforts to build a strong state." That is HEFIL's business and management concepts.

⊙ "Creating value and serving the general public", that is HEFIL's enterprise objective.

⊙ "The More Challenging, the More Innovation", in the keen market competition, HEFIL will actively build a strong corporate brand, to expand and upgrade the industrial chain.

⊙ HEFIL stand for the strategic guidelines of specialization, standardization and marketization:


  We have the high quality purifying products of HEFIL and the excellent and professional manufacturing team, to escort you to clean the air. Whether you are far away, there are our services in sight. We will provide you with the synergy of quality, efficiency and life...


  Production processes must be standardized, quality inspection must be standardized, market operators must be standardized, enterprise management must be standardized and customer service must be standardized.


  We must take the initiative to adapt to changes in the external environment, and take the market to guide development. We should put the efficiency in the first place, implementing the internal fair competition and the mechanisms of incentive in combination with restraint. The fittest is survival.

⊙Specialization is the base of the company and the core of our development. Standardization is the foundation of the company long-term development. Marketization is the impulsion to promote the company development.