HGB High Dust-Loading Pocket Filter Media

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HGB High Dust-Loading Pocket Filter Media
Media: composed of polyester, polyamide, nylon
Fire resistance standard: UL-900 Class2
It is possible add galvanized steel, aluminum alloy frame and metal mesh in the air outlet side
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

Model Dimensions Filter Velocity Counter Efficiency (%) Resistance Surface Specific Gravity Capacity of Dust Arrestment Color
mm m/s 0.3UM 0.5UM 1UM Pa g/ g/  
HGB-F5 660-740/150m 5.33 51 65 81 8 180 200 White
HGB-F6 660-740/150m 5.33 66 76 85 10 210 220 Green
HGB-F7 660-740/150m 5.33 85 90 95 15 230 240 Pink
HGB-F8 660-740/150m 5.33 95 96 98.5 20 245 260 Yellow
HGB-F9 660-740/150m 5.33 97 98.5 99.5 23 255 270 White

HEFIL makes various other models of HGP filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.

Media: Polypropylene, non-toxic, smellless, harmless and completely disposable;

Media density increasing step-by-step to enlarge the capacity of dust-loading and improve service life of product;

Low initial pressure drop, high efficiency;

Uniform appearance colors, easy to identify

Can be processed into shaped filter bags; easy to cut and use

Model Eff(%) Capacity of Dust Arrestment Initial Pressure Drop
5mmTx2mx50m G3 450g/m² 30Pa
10mmTx2mx20m G3 600g/m² 40Pa
15mmTx2mx20m G4 520g/m² 45Pa
20mmTx2mx20m G4 460g/m² 50Pa
25mmTx2mx20m G4 400g/m² 58Pa
Pocket filter is suitable for the second level filtration of precision clean room and the pre filtration of the HEPA filter. (40-45%) white, mainly used in commercial building, theater, station and airport; (60-65%) green, mainly used in car painting room, computer room, school; (80-85%) pink, mainly used in petrochemical industry, plastic industry, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, paint factory, electronics factory, hospital, laboratory (90-95%) yellow, mainly used in precision electronics, defense plant, asepsis room, sterile plant. Can be customized of various non-standard sizes.

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