HACP Activated Carbon Panel Filter

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HACP Activated Carbon Panel Filter
Media: polyester non-woven soaked in activated carbon
Frame: galvanized plate, aluminum alloy sheet, stainless steel sheet
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

Model Dimensions Rated Air Flow (m3/h) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa)
W×H×D (mm)
595×595×45 3600 70
HACP-12×24×2 290×595×45 1800
HACP-24×24×4 595×595×95 3600 45
HACP-12×24×4 290×595×95 1800
HACP-20×24×2 493×595×45 3000 70
HACP-20×20×2 493×493×45 2500
HACP-12×20×2 290×493×45 1500
HACP-20×24×4 493×595×95 3000 45
HACP-20×20×4 493×493×95 2500
HACP-12×20×4 290×493×95 1500

HEFIL makes various other models of HACP filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.

◆Made of polyester non-woven soaked in activated charcoal, effectively remove a variety of odors in the air
◆Reliable performance with high adsorption capacity and removal efficiency
◆Great versatility, easy installation and maintenance
◆Frame can be made of aluminum alloy, galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet
Size WxHxD(mm) Eff(%) Media Area Initial Pressure Drop(Pa)@Air Flow(m³/h)
290x595x95 60 0.79m² 45@1800
493x595x95 1.36m² 45@3000
595x595x45 0.79m² 70@3600
595x595x95 1.64m² 45@3600
◆Apply to a variety of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is a dust collector and deodorizing filter. Improves the quality of indoor air effectively.

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