HMU Mini-pleat ULPA Panel Filter

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HMU Mini-pleat ULPA Panel Filter
Media: fiberglass
Frame: aluminum profile frame with panel structure
Separator: hot-melt glue; Sealant: polyurethane
Temperature: maximum 90℃ in continuous service
Each ULPA/HEPA filter tested according to EN1822: 2009
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

Model Outer size Filter Area (m2) Air flow (m3/h) Initial pressure drop (Pa)
HMU610/03-70 305×305×70 2.7 250 ≤250
HMU610/05-70 305×610×70 5.5 500
HMU610/10-70 610×610×70 11.3 1000
HMU610/15-70 915×610×70 17.0 1500
HMU610/20-70 1220×610×70 22.7 2000
HMU610/03-90 305×305×90 3.7 320
HMU610/05-90 305×610×90 7.5 650
HMU610/10-90 610×610×90 15.4 1300
HMU610/15-90 915×610×90 23.2 2000
HMU610/20-90 1220×610×90 31.1 2600

HEFIL makes various other models of HMU filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.

◆Trapping 99.9995% or higher of 0.3μm particles

◆Adopt computer-controlled automatic production line for manufacturing,the crest height of folding filter material can be regulated steplessly,between 22~96 mm

◆Each filter is through rigorous testing

◆Adopt international standards sizes

◆“F” series with a knife-edge frame is applied to gelatin sealing

◆Using special ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper as the filter material

Suitable for electronics, pharmaceutical industry, clean room, laminar flow devices, and the occasions required ultra-high cleanliness.

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