HFZ- Steam Filter

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HFZ- Steam Filter
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Filtration Class Model Polytef Air Flow Air Flow Dimension (mm)
(m3/min) Sintered filter Media Size PCS (m3/min) D H W d
0.05~0.1 HFZ-005 Ф22×150 1 0.5~2 Ф57 279 190 Ф18×2
0.1~0.3 HFZ-010 Ф22×150 3 2~6 Ф89 402 199 DN25PN1.0
0.3~0.5 HFZ-035 Ф22×260 3 6~10 Ф89 522 199 DN25PN1.0
0.8~1 HFZ-080 Ф22×260 7 15~40 Ф114 530 224 DN25PN1.0
1~2 HFZ-100 Ф22×260 13 60~150 Ф164 591 284 DN25PN1.0
2~3 HFZ-200 Ф22×260 19 200 Ф234 617 434 DN50PN1.0

Note: 1. In case of specifications or structures changes, HEFIL will provide up-to-date data on website: www.hefilter.com.

     2. HEFIL makes various of other models’ HFZ filter not listed in above table. Please consult with us if you need.

◆Use stainless steel as its shell material,nornally its working presssure around 0.3MPa
◆Equipped with teflon to sinter tubular filter media

◆HFZ is mainly used to remove rust and other impurities in steam,when using steam to sterilize in HFG gas filter and its pipeline,which protect gas filter and filter media from pollution

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