HBFA Filtration Box

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HBFA Filtration Box
◆The filtration box can provide clean  purified air from outside;
◆Have installing frame inside the box and easy to replace inner filter;
◆Can have Fan according customers demand;
◆Centralized ventilation system with high capacity air flow;
◆Have access door and easy to maintain;

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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

Model Air Fan pressure drop  Dimension Tuyere Size Filter Mainly Configurable
Flow (W×H×L) (mm)
(m3/h) (Pa) (include rain cover、Fan)(mm) inlet inlet
HBFA-3000 3000 >700 700×700×1900 400×400 400×400 HBM-592×592×558-6P
HBFA-6000 6000 700×1310×2400 500×500 500×500 HBM-592×592×558-6P
HBFA-12000 12000 1310×1310×2400 800×630 800×630 HBM-592×592×558-6P
HBFA-18000 18000 1310×1920×2700 1000×800 1000×800 HBM-592×592×558-6P
HBFA-27000 27000 1920×1920×2700 1250×1000 1250×1000 HBM-592×592×558-6P
HBFA-48000 48000 2540×2540×3000 1600×1250 1600×1250 HBM-592×592×558-6P

Note: 1. In case of specifications or structures changes, HEFIL will provide up-to-date data on website: www.hefiter.com

     2. HEFIL makes various of other models’ HBFA filter not listed in above table. Please consult with us if you need.

◆As per customers’ different requests, filter box is generally equipped with filters as below ,  Size of the filters inside are the international common dimension 24 "× 24" , equals to 610 × 610mm, and are arranged according to a matrix form in the order of 1 × 2, 2 × 2, 2 × 3, 3 × 2(please refer to products description for detailed information)).

HMV   V-Bank high capacity

◆HBM   Synthetic Pocket Filter

◆HBP    Non-woven Pocket Filter

◆HPP    Primary-efficiency Panel Filter

◆HWM  All Metal Washable Filter (Demister)

◆HACB Activated Carbon Filter Box

◆HACH V-bank Carbon Filter 

◆HACF  Activated Carbon Flat Filter

◆Filter box components: access door, fan, differential pressure switch;

◆Box is made of spraying plastic of color plate, stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel sheet.

◆Outlet size: standard for square outlet (size is not qualified) or can be customized as per customers’ requests.

◆ Air flow can be customized as required.

◆Filter box can be set into single-stage, double-stage and multi-stage purifying. Single stage is only one stage filter equipped; double or multi-stage purifying means that the front stage or back stage can be added the primary or middle-efficiency filter as per customer’s request.

◆Special requirements: it can be added the function of infrared sterilization, removing smell and static as per customer's request.

◆It is widely applied to the machinery, household appliances, electronic industry, chemical industry and chemical fiber, textile industry, cigarette, printing, pharmaceutical, food, radio and TV, science and technology museum, hotel, exhibition hall and other industries and civil constructions

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