BIBO bag in bag out filtration device

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BIBO bag in bag out filtration device

UltraBIBO used all closed bag into bag out replacement filtration device can effectively isolate radgas, pathogens,and toxic chemical’s pollution, so it’s called bag into bag out safety protection filtration box; which used to provide Safe and reliable environment, effectively prevent secondary air pollution and ensure the safety of operators;

The device is used for filtering harmful chemical, biological, radioactive, toxic substances in the air, to close the pollutants in BIBO box filter through the system, until the filter was replaced and incineration.

BIBO can be designed and manufactured according to the specific application, can contain more than one function and combination module to meet the requirements of different levels,different air volume, the main features include filtering period (Pre, middle and high efficiency filter), scanning test period, chemical filtration, aerosol injection, differential pressure detection,biological sealed valve, disinfection, and tandem assembly, in order to increase the air flow and function of BIBO.

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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

Gas Collecting Tube

●Housing is connected by sealed valve between inlet/outlet connector and upstream/downstream pipe, provides the leafy or biological containment valves according to the customer request;
●Housing adopts laser cutting, CNC bending process to ensure the machining accuracy. Housing adopts automatic welding robot to do continuous seamless welding and a molding box, ensure maximum air impermeability of housing;
●Housing surface choose carbon steel epoxy resin coating, surface coating has excellent feature of corrosion proof for formaldehyde,hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and other disinfectants, can choose fluorine carbon spraying;
●Housing material can choose painting carbon steel and SUS304 stainless steel;

Filtering Section

●Core part is filtering section with bag in bag out function, sealing of the housing between the filter and bag in bag out can use gasket seal or flume seal;
●Modular design, parallel combination according to different air volume, can choose air volume from 1000 CMH and 50000 CMH, can meet customer’s different requirements for air supply and exhaust air volume. At the same time, series combination of different function units according to the customer, can meet the requirements of the installation space;
●Past plant air tightness test in positive pressure 2500 pa or negative pressure 3000 pa condition, conform to the ASME N510-1989 air tightness test standard; manufacturing and testing of the whole equipment should conform ASME N510 or GB19489-2008
●Unique filter pressure institution , the compression stroke of clamping device is big, filter frame contact force is uniform, adopt reliable filter locking mechanism to strengthen the sealing effect. Easy to install filter, and can support heavyfilter.

Bio-sealed Valves (Optional)

●Bio-sealed valves are used for highly dangerous exhaust system, used to shut off and isolate the filter and the surrounding environment
●Bubble- tight valve is the highest level product of the air valve product line, used for the isolation in the process of filter replacement, especially for effective isolation of large volume air system;
●Valve is usually made round, you can configure manual, electric and pneumatic actuators;
●Valve blade is in the shutoff position, test under 10 inches water column pressure, comply with the ASME N509-1996 "Reaffirmed" 5.9, 7.3.Valve integral pressure Testing in accordance with ASME N510-1995 "Reaffirmed", "Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems," the provisions of article 6 and 7.

Air Filter

●HEPA filter supporting BIBO use efficiency of H14, filtering efficiency is 99.999% @ 0.3 um, the material of outside frame is Galvalume, SUS430 / SUS304 optional; HEPA filter uses gasket seal or flume seal.
●Single-stage filtering (H13 or H14), Multistage filtering (G4+H13 or M6+H14) or multistage filtering in exhaust system (G4+F8 +H14+H14)
●A single filter module maximum air volume can reach 4000 CMH

Plastic Bag

●Plastic bags are used to avoid the replace maintenance personnel contacting filter in the replacement of filter, use special designed plastic bags to replace filter, this is called a bag in bag out biological security replacement;
●Plastic bags have high strength, unbreakable character; rubber ring design shape, locking plastic bag with good effect.

Pressure Testing Organizations

●Per level filters of Bag in bag out have pressure testing organizations in order to test the resistance of the filter, equipped with a pressure gauge, meter support, connector, connecting piping, etc., can be equipped with differential pressure transmitter to transmit the signals to the control system.
●Piezometric tube of pressure testing organization has airtight isolation valve, pressure gauge upstream and downstream piping has internal HEPA filters and disinfection mouth to disinfect upstream and downstream piping interior. Piezometric tube and related accessories are SUS 304 stainless steel (optional).

In Situ Disinfection

●Equip gas disinfection interface in the place of upstream and downstream of the filter,same as disinfection equipment with internationally accepted standards, through the disinfection interface can inject into formaldehyde or hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and other gas disinfection products.
●BIBO itself is equipped with a stainless steel ball valve which makes it easy to inject disinfection products, and make it fully diffuse in the filter surface, disinfect any parts.
●Can test if disinfection product’s concentration conforms the requirement of disinfection specification through the inspection sampling mouth on the surface of the filter; examine the effects of disinfection through the sterilization validation of downstream.

Leakage Testing Device

●HEPA filter has been tested strictly for leakage and filtration efficiency in factory to ensure filter’s efficiency to achieve the requirement of customer; (H13 or H14)
●Diameter of aerosol for detection use is 0.3 um, aerosol concentration and size distribution is uniform and stable, can use DEHS, PAO and other substances;
●After the HEPA filter of per level, manual or automatic scanning system is optional, leak detection was carried out on the filter, scanning device test filter efficiency in working status, to test for leakage; According to the GB19489-2008 standard for leakage detection of filter process;


●Deploy the fan section according to the requirements of customer,can provide variable frequency motor control, to achieve energy saving purpose;
●German Rosenberg voluteless fan, direct motor drive, avoid the belt dust drive during transmission, reducing bag in bag out own producing dust; with characteristic of high efficiency, low noise, stable performance and easy to clean;
●Fan, Switch brand, made in Shanghai; Past “AMCA” identification and strict dynamic balancing test, maintenance-free ball bearing, high intensity, low noise, stable performance.

1.UltraBIBO Bag into the bag out safety replacement filtration box can be used both in vertical airflow filtration and horizontal airflow filtration;

2.The whole equipment using SUS304/SUS316L material in seamless welding technology;

3.Each equipment is tested in at lest 2500pa positive pressure and 3000pa negative pressure before before delivery;




Rated Air Flow 


First Stage Filter Size

W×H×D (mm)


Second Stage Filter Size 

W×H×D (mm)


W×H×D (mm)
















Remark: 1)”+90”is fastener size which increased 90mm
2) 292/311, thickness of dry seal filter is 292mm, flume seal filter is 311mm
3) Also need to increase 1000 mm space for filter replacement in direction of filter replacement
4) Through the paralleling of housing, can obtain maximum 40000 CMH; max 10 housing in parallel


●Bio-Pharma factory
●Biological safety facilities
●BSL 3 and BSL 4 labs
●Chemical industry
●Hospital operation room, sickroom,isolating room
●Nuclear power plant, nuclear research center

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