HJDA-Stainless steel Single-bag filter Concave cover-type

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HJDA-Stainless steel Single-bag filter Concave cover-type
Concave cover bag type filter is made of pouring entirely, the simple structure is more easy to be washing. It can be matched with the smallest blind angle to improve the application of filter in different industry. The design of filter single sealing ring can be provided good sealing.
Advantages: good sealing effect, prevent from leaking, wide effective filtering area, better filtering efficiency, more easy and convenient to change the filter bag, cheaper operation cost, reasonable structure, more stable and reliable filtering, adjustable when installing and trial run, can be apply to the specific application request of occasion and area.
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Model Filter Area(m2) Max Flux Velocity(m3/h) Pressure(Mpa) Volume(L) Connection Type
HJDA-1 0.25 20 0.5 11 DN50
HJDA-2 0.5 40 0.5 20 DN50
HJDA-3 0.1 8 0.5 5 Φ25
HJDA-4 0.2 12 0.5 8 Φ25
Working Principle
Bag-type filter is a kind of new filter system, it is supported the filter bag by metal net in the filter, liquor flowed into the inlet, passed filtering the filter bag and lowed out from outlet, the contamination particle is held up in the filter bag. It can be used continuously after changed a new filter bag.
Technical feature Material :SUS304、SUS316L
Connection type:flange
Sealing material: BUNA seal ring, Silicon rubber seal ring fluorine rubber seal ring
Sealing type: O-type seal ring
Application filter bag: No1,2,3,4 filter bag
Design Pressure 1.0Mpa; Design flux:6-40m3/h
Surface treatment: sand blasting, polishing
Installing foot height can be adjustable.
It can be made to be constant temperature shell-type.
Bag-type filter has the quick-opening structure, easier washing, less filter residual liquor, easy to change filter bag.
Being application to the painting, beer, cosmetic, plant oil, galvanizing solution, milk, industrial water, latex, sugar water, juice, vinegar, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water.

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