HJD-2S Stainless Steel Multi-bag filter

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HJD-2S Stainless Steel Multi-bag filter
Multi-bag filter is a kind of multi-usage filter equipment of new structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, saving energy, high efficiency, fully closed working, wide application. Multi-bag filter is a kind of pressure-type filter equipment, is included the filter cartridge, filter cover and quick-opening instruction and stainless steel filter bag strengthen net. The liquor is flow into the filter bag by the inlet pipe beside the filter housing, filter itself is in the strengthen net basket, the liquor permeated the filter bag which requested the fineness and then get the qualified filter liquor, the contamination particle can be held up by filter bag. It is very easy to change the filter bag for this equipment, it is nearly no material consumption.
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Model Filter area(m2) Max Flux Velocity(m3/h) Pressure(Mpa) Volume (L) Inlet and outlet connection type
HJD-2S2 1 80 0.6 100 DN80
HJD-2S3 1.5 120 0.6 130 DN80
HJD-2S4 2 160 0.6 160 DN100
HJD-2S5 2.5 200 0.6 190 DN100
HJD-2S6 3 240 0.6 270 DN125
HJD-2S7 3.5 280 0.6 270 DN125
HJD-2S8 4 320 0.6 320 DN150
HJD-2S10 5 400 0.6 410 DN200
HJD-2S12 6 480 0.6 530 DN200
HJD-2S15 7.5 600 0.6 700 DN200
Working Principle
Multi-bag filter is a kind of new filter system, it is supported the filter bag by metal net in the filter, liquor flowed into the inlet, passed filtering the filter bag and lowed out from outlet, the contamination particle is held up in the filter bag. It can be used continuously after changed a new filter bag.
Connection type: flange
Sealing material: BUNA seal ring, fluorine rubber seal ring
Sealing Type: O-type seal ring
Application filter bag: No2 filter bag
Design preaaure: 1.0Mpa
Design flux: 80-600 m3/H
Surface treatment: sand blasting, polishing
Multi-bag filter has the quick-open instruction, the O-sealing type, easier washing, less filter residual liquor, easy to change filter bag.
Being application to the painting, beer, cosmetic, plant oil, galvanizing solution, milk, industrial water, latex, sugar water, juice, vinegar, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water.

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