HDPE-Liquid Filter Bag

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HDPE-Liquid Filter Bag
◆It is used porous polyester stable fiber non-woven fabrics composition made of filter bag;
Having three-dimensional deep filter structure, large filter flux, high efficiency, not easy to block off;
It can be manufactured different filter fineness filter as per different requirement of industries.
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
No1 bag:φ180mm×410mm   No3:φ102mm×210mm
No2 bag:φ180mm×810mm   No4:φ102mm×380mm
Collar Extension material: galvanized steel ring, stainless steel ring, polyester plastic ring, polyethylene plastics ring
Max temperature: PP:80℃、PE:120℃、NMO:150℃
Treating process
Filter fabric for filter bag is made of cleanness environments, prevent from secondary pollution of filter bag’s it self uncleanness. The surface of non-woven fabric made filter bag was processed by singeing and press polishing to prevent from the secondary pollution of fiber falling off.
Combine Technology
Hot melting: using the advanced hot melting technology to ensure the good adhesive strength of filter bag to prevent from leaking, matching the Sync-Ring technology, developing its application to the field of very high filter fineness and efficiency. Sewing: Sewing filter bag is sewed extremely preciseness, fastness and durable.
Developing the sealing effect of sewing line to the limited. Pure sewing line is free from the silicon oil to prevent from secondary pollution of common sewing filter bag.
Technical Feature
Fineness: PP, PE material, 1μm、3μm、5μm、10μm、25μm、50μm、100μm、200μm
NMO material:25μm、50μm、80μm、100μm、125μm、150μm、200μm、250μm、300μm、400μm、600μm、800μm
Mainly used in process water and solutions of purifying the food& beverage industry, electronic industry, pharmaceuticals industry, chemical industry

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