HFR-Fireproof Filter Media

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HFR-Fireproof Filter Media
Media: fire resistance synthetic fiber as different structure for different density
Fire resistance standard: UL-900 Class2
It possible add galvanized steel, aluminum alloy frame and metal mesh in the air outlet side
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication

HEFIL makes various other models of HFR filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.


◆Adopts no silicone synthetic fiber with high performance and anti-fracture ability. Density of fibers increases gradually, which will block particles of various sizes in different density. It has a large dust capacity and low pressure drop ,it is a deep filter way. It has a property of high permeability, low initial resistance and high dust collection rate

◆Using gradual technology

◆Flammability confirms to German industrial standard: DIN53438-F1

◆It has stronger moisture-proof up to 100% relative humidity of moisture-proof .

◆Can be washed repeatedly

◆Can be with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy frame, or add metal mesh as supporter to effectively prevent deformation under high-speed airflow

◆This product can be cutted into slice ,pleated and folded in roll.

◆Apply to required fireproof air filter system. Such as electronic, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, playing a role of preventing and remedying pollution, fresh air filtering, pre-filter of air conditioner , industry waste gas.

◆Suitable for the pre filter of spraying-paint system, spraying-paint workshop

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