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HHF - Household Air Purifiers
Hefil household air purifier adopts the latest simple design concepts. Its appearance is simple and sleek. A cellphone APP can control it. CADR can reach up to 350m3/h, the household air filter which used cooperatively can filter hair and bacteria, can absorb smell, and remove harmful gases like formaldehyde, benzene, TVCC and PM2.5.
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Products name Model Size Initial pressure drop(Pa)@Rated air flow(m³/h) Velocity(m/s)
Pre filter nylon filter HHF-350-N 350×350×3 5Pa@1000CMH 0.45m/s
HEPA air filter HHF-450-H 450×330×90 90Pa@250CMH 0.45m/s
Carbon air filter HHF-450-C 450×330×20 50Pa@250CMH 0.45m/s
V-bank air filter HHF-355-V 355×355×210 110Pa@350CMH 0.45m/s
Carbon HEPA air filter HHF-350-C 350×350×45 110Pa@200CMH 0.45m/s

1. In case of specifications, structural changes, HEFIL will provide up-to-date data on website: www.hefilter.com
2. Hefil makes various other models of HHF filter not listed the above table.

HHF Household Air Purifiers

Primary nylon filter: it focuses on bigger floating particles, such as suspending particles, powder, and dust and cotton fiber. It can be washed repeatedly and is eco-friendly.

Coconut carbon filter: It uses coconut activated carbon and focuses on harmful gas like formaldehyde, benzene, TVCC. The enhanced filter can be used with the eco-friendly refrigerant together.

HEPA filter: It uses medical class filter media, passed the SGS Test Report. The imported HV filter media applies to micron particles. The enhanced filter can be used with the blue primary efficiency antibacterial fabric.

V-bank high capacity air filter: superfine fiberglass filters media, 99.99%@0.3µm; has a large filter area and air flow features, it can be used in the central ventilation system of a residence and business areas.
1) Primary Efficiency Nylon Air filter: environment-friendly ABS plastic frame, no smell, no VOC.

2) HEPA filter:  white cardboard frame

3) Carbon filter:  black cardboard frame

4) V-bank filter: white cardboard frame
Household air purifiers can be used in home interior, office, meeting room, business room, and museum exhibition room.

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