BAXH-Dedusting Filter Box

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BAXH-Dedusting Filter Box
◆ Dedusting filter box is a kind of environments protection equipment of air filtration and purifying and fresh air pressure.
◆ Simple structure, manufacture conveniently, wide application, maintaining conveniently.
◆ The internal exhaust fan kept the enough fresh air in the room to reach the target of purifying the air.
◆ It is mainly used in the air filter section of concentration ventilation and the central AC system.
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SpecificationFeatures Frame structureApplication
Model Air flow (m3/h) Fan whole pressure (pa) Absorption Box size(mm) (double stage filter、included fan) Outlet size(mm) Matched filter
Air Intake Air Outlet
BAXH-3000 3000 >700pa 65~99.99% 700*700*1600 No access door,pull-out type 300*200 300*200 HMV-05920592292-4V/ 1 set
BAXH-16000 16000 1920*1300*1600 No access door,pull-out type 800*600 800*600 HMV-05920592292-4V/ 6 sets
BAXH-6000 6000 1300*700*2400 Included access door 400*300 400*300 HMV-05920592292-4V/ 2 sets
BAXH-12000 12000 1300*1300*2400 Included access door 500*400 500*400 HMV-05920592292-4V/ 4 sets
BAXH-24000 24000 1920*1300*2400 Included access door 1000*800 1000*800 HMV-05920592292-5V/ 6 sets
BAXH-48000 24000 1920*1300*2400 Included access door 2000*1500 2000*1500 HMV-05920592292-5V/ 12 sets
BAXH-96000 96000 1920*1300*2400 Included access door 3000*2000 3000*2000 HMV-05920592292-5V/ 24 sets
Main filter configuration:
As per different customer’s request, filter box can be used the below type of filter, it is mainly used the international standard size(24‘*24“, 610*610mm), and as per this size’s multiple, 2*2, 3*2, 3*3 matrix arrangement, filter specification is as per the filter products instruction.
◆ HMV V-bank High Capacity Filter
◆ HBM Synthetic Pocket Filter
◆ HBP Non-Woven Pocket Filter
◆HPP Primary Efficiency Panel Filter
◆ HWM All metal Washable Filter
HEFIL makes various other models of BAXH filter not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.
◆Filter box components: access door, fan, differential pressure gauge, frequency converter;
◆Box is made of spraying plastic of color plate, stainless steel plate or cold-rolled steel sheet
◆Outlet size : standard confirmation is square (no size restriction), can be tailor-made as per customer's request.
◆Air low can be customization.
◆Filter box can be set single-stage, double-stage, multi-stage filter, single stage is only one stage filter, double or multi-stage filter is means that the front stage or back stage can be added to the primary, middle-efficiency dust removal filter as per customer's request.
◆Special requirement: it can be added to the function system of infrared sterilization, remove smell, remove static as per customer's request.
Structure and installation instruction:
It is applied widely in the machinery, household appliances, electronic industry, chemical industry &chemical fiber, textile industry, cigarette, printing, pharmaceutical, food, radio and TV, science and technology museum, hotel, exhibition hall and other industry and civil construction.

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