Primary Filter------Protector of the Air Condition System

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Primary Filter------Protector of the Air Condition System

With the intensification of air pollution, a wide range of air filters has been everyone's favorite. There is a kind of useful filter called Primary Filter which has won great popularity because of large filtration area and high filtration efficiency. Applications of primary filters are really wide. Especially, it is widely used in the air conditioning system. Here I will introduce some more information about applications of primary filters, air filter material and product characteristics.

Firstly, let us learn about applications of primary filters. Generally speaking, primary filters are used in pre-filtration of large air compressor, clean return air system, efficient pre-filter filtration device and high temperature air filters. Because of a lot of advantages such as heat resistance and high efficiency, primary filters are well-received among customers.

Secondly, primary filter materials and structures are various. However, commonly, primary filters are consisting of aluminum and galvanized steel frame and coarse non-woven. The frame of primary filter is usually made of sturdy waterproof plates to fix the folded filter completed. Diagonal design on the frame is to provide a large filtration area and make internal Filter closely adhered to the outer frame. Professional tailor special adhesive glue is used to frame bonding. This type of structure can prevent air leaks or wind pressure resulting in breakage.

Thirdly, apart from wide applications of primary filters and perfect structure of primary filters, there are many other characteristics you need to know about primary filters. Primary filter is used primarily for air-conditioning system to protect the filters and systems. The maintenance of this kind of filter is easy. You should disconnect the power supply of air purification system first. Then open the access door of the primary filter and loose four filter fixed wire spring. After that, please gently remove the Bag filter which needs cleaning. Gently tap the filter bag with a wooden to remove the surface drifting of the filter. The filter bag can be placed in a detergent solution soak for 15 minutes, using the compression method to wash away the dust and dirt. Finally, you can dry the cleaned primary filter and lastly put into the air conditioning system.

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