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  • What is Clean Booth Classification2015-03-17 09:14:20
    Easy to say, clean booth is a movable clean room, with soft antistatic PVC laminar. It can be installed as requested with the cleanness environment from class 1 to class 100,000. Clean Booth is used t
  • Advanced Clean Booth Design2015-03-16 09:35:10
    Clean booth is a kind of air purifying equipment providing partial high clean environment, its the easiest and fastest way to build a simple clean room. Equipped with a lot of clean level and space co
  • Do You Know the Structure of HEPA Filter2015-03-16 09:35:04
    HEPA filters, once known as Absolute Filters, were originally developed as the particulate stage of a chemical, biological, radiological (CBR) filtration unit for use by the U.S. Armed Services. Howev
  • The Best HEPA Filter Design2015-03-13 08:47:49
    HEPA filters can be used as final filtration filters in applications with purification filters. The filtration medium consists of highly efficient micro porous polyurethane mini pleats held in place b
  • Strong Functions of HEPA Filter2015-03-13 08:47:49
    HEPA is an acronym for "high efficiency particulate air". Air Purifier HEPA Filters have been widely used in modern society. Many people benefits from HEPA filter which is a type of filter t
  • Learn About HEPA Filter2015-03-12 08:54:11
    Those who are the first time to contact HEPA filter must have no idea of what is HEPA filter. Actually HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter and a true Custom hepa filter is widely re