Do You Know These Advantages of Stainless Steel Filter

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Do You Know These Advantages of Stainless Steel Filter

With the rapid development of modern industry, our living environment is becoming worse. In order to protect environment and keep our own health and safety, a lot of consumers will choose to buy a filter device. In many kinds of filters, one of the most popular is Stainless steel filter. There are some consumers who are not very familiar with the stainless steel filters. So they are very hesitant to buy. Here let me introduce the advantages of a stainless steel filter to help you better understand it. Stainless steel filter has the advantages which other filters do not have. It is resistant to high-temperature and corrosion which is much better than other filters. Stainless steel filter is mainly applied in large-scale factories, such as petroleum industry, chemical industry machinery manufacture and so on. Stainless steel filter is the first choice when many manufacturers in the selection of filter. Its main advantages are the following aspects:

1.It can resist to high temperature above 400 degrees. Because the stainless steel filter is a combination of multiple layers edging and multilayer solder joints filter screen, the performance of high-temperature resistant is great.

2.Under normal circumstances, 304, 316L stainless steel wedge filter is usually used. This special material has the properties of high precision, corrosion-resistant and the highest filtering accuracy can reach 25 microns. Stainless steel filter can still be used for a long time in corrosive environments.

3.Through its own function of search and strain, Stainless steel water filter housing is different from ordinary filters. It can automatically achieve counter- flushing, and cope with erratic fluctuations in water quality without human intervention.

4.High hardness is a significant advantage of stainless steel filter. In the environment of grinding, there will not be much of abrasion. So the maintenance cost of operation is low and the management is very simple.

5.Filtration system uses a scientific management. Therefore, stainless steel filter operation is extremely accurate. According to different water supply and the accuracy of filter, flexibly adjust the time of backwash pressure and the setting values of time.

6.The stainless steel filter adopts pneumatic sewage valve. Therefore, backwash time is short, and the consumption of backwash water is relatively small. The advantage is environmentally friendly, economical and practical.

7.Because the structural design of the stainless steel filter is very advanced, the machine is not only compact but also very reasonable. The stainless steel filter advantages, like small footprint, flexible installation and easy to move, is far better than other panel filters.

Traditional filter has a wide range of applications in life and industry. Although there are many advantages, but for some unique circumstances it is unable to work properly. In these cases, the stainless steel filter appears to be necessary. Now, the development of stainless steel filter is also very good on the market. If there is a need, you can visit for more information.