Wide Applications of ULPA Filter

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Wide Applications of ULPA Filter


Generally speaking, ULPA filter is designed for many demanding applications. It is ideally suited for air conditioning and ventilation for pharmaceutical, photographic, nuclear, optics, electronics, food processing, aerospace, laboratories, hospitals and similar critical applications. Also it is often used for HEPA/ULPA pre-filtration systems in microelectronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Now let's take a close look at the ULPA filters applications.

We all know that filters can be used for office equipment to remove toner dust to applications for industrial vacuum cleaners for asbestos removal. HEPA & ULPA filters are also critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms. Used in surgical operating rooms and other critical medical air filtration applications, ULPA filters are there to provide the highest quality of air cleanliness, helping safeguard the life and health of both patients and medical staff. Among all ULPA filters applications, this one is the most common one.

ULPA Filters are more efficient than HEPA Filter. ULPA Filters have an efficiency of at minimum 99.999% for particles larger than 0.1–0.3 μm. ULPA Filters are also used in cleanrooms with highest requirements. ULPA filters consist of a coated graduated continuously spun glass filament in a pad form, contained within either a rigid cardboard casing, or a cardboard frame with perforates cap-punch grids. Stiffening bars can be provided if required. Also a scrim backing can be supplied on the outlet face for special applications. The HEPA & ULPA Filters are usually used within Cleanrooms for high end microelectronic applications and they are usually combined with a liquid seal channel sealing system rather than the conventional closed cell gaskets. The wide ULPA filters applications made ULPA filter popular among filter market.

ULPA Filters which are designed to filter out toxic chemicals and pathogens as a small as 0.1μm with an efficiency rating of 99.9995% represent your first and best line of defense against exposure to the more than 40 harmful compounds found in surgical plumes. Delivering highly efficient removal of toxic gasses, odors, bacteria, viruses and other associated with laser plume form electro-surgical operations. Manufactured with high-efficiency glass microfiber Fiberglass media that is gently pleated to form the media pack. For use where a high degree of cleanliness is required and contaminants must be removed to protect heath, products, or building interiors, ULPA filters have high-efficiency commercial and industrial applications.

Seen from above, ULPA filters are used in a wide variety of applications. ULPA filters are capable of ensuring our customers with quality and certified products with efficiencies up to ranging from 99.97% to 99.999%. If you are in need of HEPA & ULPA Filters, you can visit www.hefilter.com for more information.